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Adiel A. Akplogan adiel at afrinic.net
Mon Nov 19 03:10:37 SAST 2007

At 13:01 17/11/2007 -0800, support wrote:
>Your response sounds like political babble, contradictory
>and inflammatory.
>1) AfriNIC has not chosen to make anything public. All mailing
>    has what is called "achieves" which are publicly available
>This statement is contradictory. I do not see the
>point of obscuring the thread, while all of the email thread
>should be transparent.

I directed you to:


which leads to (by clicking on archives):


which should take you to (October archives)


... where I don't see any cut from the thread of the discussion
you are referring to..

I'm clarifying this because you keep accusing AfriNIC as
institution based on clueless affirmations. Nothing personal
and no intention to polemic.


- a.  
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