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Sophia B sophiabekele at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 01:10:56 SAST 2007

 Dear Anna Richel, AfriNic

Someone brought the posting below to my attention.

I believe 'Afrinic' was chose as a platform  for discussions associated with
the creation of the Afri-ICANN group which I was also instrumental in
pushing for the set up when I joined GNSO/ICANN and we are all
benefiting from these discussions.

Given the debates we had on dot.africa the past few weeks, I was not sure
why Afrinic has chosen to be selective in optimizing the information below
to be posted on the Internet rather than post the whole discussion to ensure
the various responses are fairly represented.  It would appear that Afrinic
is opportunistic and exploitative and I give it a reasonable double that the
intention is not that.

I would therefore, appreciate if Afrinic would take immediate steps to make
the correction.

Kind regards,

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