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Dear All,

Among the articles I sent you I thought this one was especially  interesting
--- 30 years already...or only? In fact to be very precise, it started 38
years ago, on October 29, 1969 --- """......Thirty-five years ago, on
October 29, 1969, the first Internet message was sent from computer science
Professor Leonard Kleinrock's laboratory at UCLA to a computer 300 miles
away at Stanford Reseach Institute, ushering in a new method of global
communications that forever changed the course of business, politics,
entertainment, education, law and social interaction.""""

Internet pioneers mark 30 years of inter-networking in Mountain View


The Computer History Museum in Mountain View and the Web History Center are
hosting a panel discussion - no, call it a trip down computer-memory lane -
on Wednesday to mark the 30th anniversary of the first inter-network data
transmission. (Hint: Find the word in the previous sentence that gave us the
term "Internet.")

Speakers include Internet pioneers Vint Cerf, Robert Kahn, Don Nielson,
Virginia Strazisar Travers, Jim Garrett, Irwin Jacobs and Paal Spilling, and
here's their story:

In the fall of 1977, an unmarked step-van stuffed with futuristic equipment,
scientists and sometimes uniformed military generals quietly cruised the
streets of the Bay Area. Only an oddly shaped antenna gave any hint of its
purpose. On Nov. 22, 1977, for the first time, data flowed seamlessly
through the van between SRI International in Menlo Park and the University
of Southern California in Los Angeles via London, across three kinds of
networks: packet radio, satellite and the Arpanet.

The test was also a major milestone in packet radio technology, which
foreshadowed Wi-Fi and other kinds of wireless Internet access.

Want to go? The Internet's 30th anniversary bash begins Wednesday with a 6
p.m. reception at the Hahn Auditorium at the Computer History Museum, 1401
N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, with the discussion starting at 7.

The discussion is free, with a suggested donation of $10, but registration
is required. Go online to *links.sfgate.com/ZBLB *or call (650) 810-1005.

By the way, the restored packet radio step-van will be open for tours that
day, from 5:30 to 7 p.m.
Movers and shakers

-- *David Kranzler *was named vice president of the Timing Solutions
business unit at Cypress Semiconductor Corp. of San Jose. He previously was
senior vice president of product development at Savi Technologies.

-- *Pamela Mead *was named vice president of user experience at San
Francisco's Zannel Inc., a developer of social networks for mobile phone
users. She previously worked at Yahoo Berkeley Research.

-- *Todd Spartz *joined Nomis Solutions Inc. of San Bruno as vice president
and chief financial officer. He previously was vice president of finance and
corporate controller at Openwave Systems. Also, *Karen Beale *was named vice
president of North American sales. She previously was a vice president at
Fair Isaac Corp. *Frank Rohde *was named vice president of product
management and chief marketing officer. He previously was vice president of
sales and marketing at Nomis. *Matt Kuckuk *was named vice president of
global services. He previously worked at Actuate Corp.

-- *Julia Park Tracey *rejoined the Alameda Sun as publisher and executive
editor. She was the weekly newspaper's first editor when it was founded in
2001. She left the paper in 2004 and most recently was co-editor of the East
Bay Monthly.

-- *Barry Waitte *joined San Francisco's Vintrust LLC, a wine asset
management and services company, as chief executive officer. He succeeds
co-founder *Andre de Baubigny, *who is now chairman. Waitte owns Tamber Bey
Vineyards in Yountville and has been a Vintrust director since 2005. In
other moves, co-founder *Timothy Komada *is now chief financial officer. *Nick
Warhol *was named vice president of technology. He previously was director
of information technology and business operations at Ellie Mae Inc.
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