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Thanks, Calvin & Adiel, for clarifiying this piece of news. 

It was a bit confusing & indeed somewhat painted a picture of how far behind
Africa is. It does give one an idea of how far the DNS can go in
establishing different kinds of TLDs. We're used to ccTLDs & gTLDs being
probably the "only" kinds of TLDs. But if in the future we'll allow TLDs
such as city-specific TLDs, I guess policy-making will continue to be an
interesting & pressing issue within ICANN & Internet governance in general. 

Should we anticipate the DNS extended to such levels? And would that be an
ICANN or just a ccTLD policy issue? My uninformed gut feel is city-specific
TLDs would have to be a ccTLD issue???


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On Mon, 2007-05-14 at 14:19 +0300, Rebecca Wanjiku wrote:
> i think it also goes along way to demonstrate africa's slumber....
> we are still grappling with whether to support our ccTLDs while others 
> have moved to cities
> i will not be surprised that some of us will dash to acquire these 
> domains instead of supporting our own,
> bex

<my opinions here>

Before you go and believe this rubbish (that .LA is assigned to Los
Angeles) please have a look at http://www.iana.org/root-whois/la.htm .

Basically, the domain for Lao People's Democratic Republic is being marketed
to the people of Los Angeles - in a manner that is questionable at best, and
down right fraudulent as worst.



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