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Bonjour a tous,

Veuillez trouver ci dessous des informations sur le programme a l'essai de
bourses pour les reunions que l'ICANN met en place. La region Afrique ne
disposera pas de beaucoup de bourses pour cette fois ci vu les prix des
billets pour aller a Porto Rico en juin. Etant que les reunions de l'ICANN
se tiennent dans chaque region a tour de role, chaque region beneficiera a
tour de role d'un nombre plus eleve de bourses. Veuillez lire les
informations soigneusement et poser votre candidature directement en ligne.

Bonne chance a tous.

Dear All,

Please find below information about the trial fellowship programme at ICANN.
Be advised that the African region has a very limited number of fellowships
this time because prices are so high for airline tickets especially. Given
that ICANN has rotating meetings, each region will get more participants
from its region as meetings come to that region. Please read the information
carefully and apply directly online.

Good luck.


ICANN Meeting Fellowships Trial

*About this Trial*

This is a trial of the ICANN fellowships programme. Documentation and
policies are being rolled out in a test format for the San Juan ICANN
meeting June 25-29, 2007. Following the San Juan meeting ICANN will evaluate
the programme and make changes based on participant and community feedback.
We are excited about the opportunity this program presents for both ICANN
and the developing world and are looking forward its success.

*Questions/Comments? *fellowships at icann.org

*Current Round*: ICANN San Juan, Puerto Rico, June 25-29
*Application Opens*: May 1

Online Application Form <http://survey.icann.org/cgi/fellowship>

*Documentation *
Terms and Conditions<http://www.icann.org/fellowships/terms-and-conditions.htm>
Fellowships Committee<http://www.icann.org/fellowships/fellowship-committee.htm>

*Overview *

* What is ICANN? *

* *The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is
responsible for the global coordination of the Internet's system of unique
identifiers. These include domain names (like .org or .museum, and country
codes like .UK), as well as the addresses used in a variety of Internet
protocols. Computers use these identifiers to reach each other over the
Internet. Careful management of these resources is vital to the Internet's
operation. ICANN's global stakeholders meet regularly to develop policies
that ensure the Internet's ongoing security and stability.

The domain name system (DNS) and Internet Protocol (IP) addressing systems
rely on global input and perspectives in order to ensure they continue to
function in a stable and secure fashion. ICANN's fellowships program helps
ensure that voices from all regions of the world have the opportunity to
provide that input.

*What is an ICANN fellowship and who are the fellowships for? *

An ICANN fellowship is a one time grant of support to enable attendance at
an ICANN organised meeting. They are awarded to enable individuals from
stakeholder groups from around the world to attend ICANN meetings. The
fellowship covers the cost of airfare, hotel and basic expenses. Recipients
are expected to actively contribute to ICANN processes and be a part of the
next generation of ICANN leadership.

ICANN Government advisory committee representatives and ccNSO members from
eligible countries will be prioritised but anyone (apart from participants
in the ICANN At-Large advisory committee, which has its own programme) is
welcome to apply.

*How are the fellowships awarded? *

Fellowships are awarded by a selection committee based on a mix of criteria
including applicant experience and references, geographic proximity to
meeting, receipt of past fellowships, etc.

Due to financial limitations ICANN may not be able to provide fellowships
for all applicants. In the case of a dispute or similar applications final
decisions will be made by the fellowships

*Who may apply for and be awarded a fellowship? *

   - Applications are targeted to individuals from government, the ccTLD
   community, and non-profits not involved in or associated with the at-large
   advisory committee.
   - Preference will be given to citizens who are resident in a low,
   lower-middle, or upper-middle income economy according to the World
   Bank country groups

   - Successful applicants will have demonstrated:
      - Ability to utilize the experiences gained from the fellowship
      to become a part of the next generation of ICANN leadership
      - A role or interest in the Internet space
   - An interest in contributing to:
         - ICANN policy development processes.
         - The ICANN fellowship alumni network.
         - A leadership role in stimulating local interest in
         - An ICANN supporting organization or advisory committee.

* Overview of fellowship procedures*

The fellowship agreement with ICANN includes several clauses that relate
directly to travel and related expenses. Please note that all ICANN
supported air travel will be by economy class and use the most direct and
economical routing. See ICANN Fellowship Terms and

Per diem costs are covered via a lump sum stipend of US$ 300.00 for the
entire period of the fellowship. The stipend will be provided to each fellow
upon his or her arrival at the meeting.

During the fellowship fellows are responsible for their own personal health
and safety. Fellows should consult travel and health advisories in advance
of the fellowship.

Following the completion of the fellowship, all fellows will be invited to
join a network of ICANN fellowship alumni. This global network will provide
instant connections with peers worldwide who share a common interest in
ICANN related issues.

Please note that consideration for future fellowships will depend on active
contribution to ICANN policy development processes. Completion of
post-fellowship reports and feedback forms is a critical part of gauging the
level of contribution made by each fellow.

*Frequently Asked Questions *

* How will my travel be covered? ** *

Travel will be covered by ICANN directly. * *

* How will my hotel be covered? *

Hotels will be booked and covered by ICANN directly. All additional hotel
charges beyond the room are the responsibility of the fellow.

*How will the stipend work? *

* *All fellows receive a flat stipend of 300 US Dollars. The stipends will
be provided in the form of an AMEX check card or travellers checks depending
on the location of the meeting. Stipends will be given to fellows at the
fellow orientation session on day one of the ICANN meeting. * *

* Do I need insurance? *

ICANN will provide access to travel insurance for the fellowship. It is the
fellow's responsibility to review the policy and process any resulting

*I would like to add personal or other business segments to my travel. What
do I do? *

This is not possible.
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