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Pour votre information

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Dear all/Bonjour:

ENGLISH : For your information and also to feed current discussions in
Abuja (see below).
A draft programme outline and meeting schedule for the Rio de Janeiro
Meeting is online -  Contributions from stakeholders are requested - It
will be useful to send comments about what we want IGF to be.

FRANCAIS : le programme provisoire de la réunion FGI qui se tiendra au
Brésil est en ligne sur le site du secrétariat. Des contributions sont
demandées aux acteurs, toute chose nous permettant de donner nos
orientations sur ce que nous souhaitons que le FGI (et en particulier la
rencontre du Brésil) soit. Voir ci-dessous et
http://www.intgovforum.org/ ou http://www.cipaco.org/spip.php?article1308.

Ken Lohento
IGF and Africa : www.cipaco.org/igforum
A draft programme outline and meeting schedule for the Rio de Janeiro
Meeting is online

The documents aim to provide an input into the open round of
consultations on 23 May 2007 to discuss programme and agenda for the
second meeting of the IGF in Rio de Janeiro.

The programme outline will be revised in light of comments received.
Comments submitted to the IGF Secretariat or posted in the online
discussion section by 17 May 2007 will be reflected in a revised version.

Open Consultations

The second round of consultations will be part of a cluster of WSIS
related events which will take place in Geneva from 15-25 May, 2007. All
entities involved agreed to pool resources to smooth the logistics and
the ITU offered to take care of registration. All stakeholders
interested in attending are invited to register online now.

The meeting will be held at the ITU Tower, Room C. There will be
interpretation into all six UN languages and real-time transcription.

Contributions: Stakeholders are invited to send in contributions, as an
input into these consultations to igf at unog.ch or post their comments in
our online discussion section. Contributions and discussion posts
received by 14 May, 2007 will be reflected in a synthesis paper
summarizing the input received. The paper will be made available on this
Web site prior to the consultations.

More information : http://www.intgovforum.org/


Best regards


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