[AfrICANN-discuss] Re: The list is up and running!

Sophia B sophiabekele at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 14:25:46 SAST 2007

Dear AR,

Thank you for setting this up. It seem that it is working already!

There are few comments I have in regards to the Moderator's note : Going
forward with ICANN.

1. Taking note of what Mohammed El Bashir mentioned, Ethiopia is also not
mentioned, unless you are only referring to GAC only.

2.  While I recognize that my presentation on dot.Africa was not accepted,
in the interest of time,  I would appreciate if the meeting notes reflect my
intentions to share my proposal and also the response that Pierre Ouedraogo
had relative to the two dot.africa initiatives on the ground, one being from
Nii.  An appropriate place to note this may be under the subject you
had  "*Africa
and ICT development"*

3.    I was not present during the discussions for this subject matter
below, therefore, I would also appreciate if you or anyone can advise on who
is working on the following.  It would be of high interest to me at this

 Also, it was noted that ICT related initiatives abound in Africa with *many
e-government, e-health and e-learning programmes/projects being implemented.

Many thanks and regards,

On 29/03/07, Mohammed EL Bashir <admin at isoc.sd> wrote:

> Dear Anne-Rachel
> Sudan was present in the meeting, wasn't mentioned in countries in the
> document .
> in the meeting a point raised regarding " Encouraging African Business
> Sector ( ISPs, IPO, ...ect) to actively participate in GNSO *Constituencies
> to have more participation from African in GNSO space"
> Thank You.
> Mohamed
> *
> Anne-Rachel Inne (by way of Adiel A. Akplogan <adiel at afrinic.net><adiel at afrinic.net>)
> wrote:
> Welcome to all of you on this list.
> Find attached the note from the moderator of yesterday's session.
> Thanks.
> - a.
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