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*Adopt the .ng ccTLD name*
General, HANA Staff By: Jonah Iboma 10:03:56  14/08/2007

The Nigeria Internet Registration Association, the Nigerian body in-charge
of the administration of Nigeria's Top-Level Domain Name, .ng, is to begin
talks with corporate organsiations to ensure that they register their
websites under the .ng domain. The President, NIRA Mr. Kalu Ndukwe, said the
plan was to ensure that the country had a net identity that was consistent
with what obtained elsewhere in the world. "Our belief in this is that as
the leading private and public sector organisations they are seen by both
Nigerians and foreigners are a reflection of the Nigerian taste and
direction,"he said.

According to him, with the formation of NIRA, the time had come to ensure
that issues that concerning Nigeria on the Internet were handled as they
should. He said a National Website competition for the construction of the
nira.org.ng website would also be held to promote internet growth in the

Ndukwe said part of the policy to promote the dot ng ccTLD would involve a
modification of the current annual Webjurist competition that rates the
websites of banks. NIRA said it was working with Phillips Consulting, which
administers the award towards ensuring an expansion of the competition to
include sites of firms from other sectors of the economy. Besides, he said
only websites that were registered in the Nigerian domain name would be
analysed. This means websites that end with .com, .org, or .net and others
would not be eligible for rating.

It said NIRA had set up a transition arrangement that would precede the full
take off of its activities in the country. He said, "The board has approved
a transition operation to act as bridge between now and when NIRA take-full
charge and control. This arrangement enables NIRA to meet administrative and
technical demands."

Among the things the board had put in place under the transition operation
is a temporary office manned by a full time Administrative Secretary.

He said this office would act as a physical point of contact for general
correspondence, domain registration services and Membership services. The
NIRA boss also said during the transition periods the subsisting policy of
free domain registration would continue, but with a modification.

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