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Thank you for all the information about the Ministries and Ministers, it was
of tremendous help.

Mawaki, Rafik is right and I am glad you also remembered what I said.
Depending on where ICANN meetings are held, and given that Africa is a large
place, tickets get expensive when you want to take someone from lets say
Botswana to Porto Rico than if you want to fly them from Trinidad to Porto

The fellowship allocates an amount for travel. That amount is either enough,
just right, not enough, really not enough, or... simply way below the price
of the ticket... depending on where you fly people from, how many different
airlines they have to fly, how many stops they have to make (so hotels
nights to pay), etc... these are some of the reasons why depending on
regions we favor intra regional travel as much as can.....now as all of you
know, intra Africa travel is not the cheapest !!!!!

There is another thing that ICANN suffers because of its status as a not for
profit corporation. Other donors if they give it money have to suffer with
us in explaining to the IRS why they gave us money....paperwork is hell
So what happens is that partners like the Francophonie manage their own
funds and bring people to ICANN meetings from their community. No other
donor wants to manage funds that they give you. ICANN can really not tie
staff time to writing reports and justifications to the IRS and the
donors... if you have dealt with them, you know how that goes and when we
tried that 4 four years ago, it was basically not sustainable.... we
finished some paperwork last year only!

Thank you for offering to cooperate more and I will hold you to that :-)1!!!
The Internet community in the region is pretty active. Other meetings that
you can participate to and where you can hear debates that have
global/regional impact are AfNOG (www.afnod.org), AfriNIC(www.afrinic.net),
AfTLD (www.aftld.org), AfISPa (www.afrispa.org) and I really encourage all
of you to partiipate there too.

I encourage their representatives that are on this list to also post things
happening there.. like Adiel did recently about the IPv4 depletion and the
adoption of IPv6.... the debates on AfriNIC's lists are passionate.

Participation is not only at ICANN meetings physically but in between
meetings -- so please read the call for comments that are of interest to you
and send comments/opinions about what impact certains things happening at
global level are having at local level. the lastest one being Domain Name


On 8/17/07, Mawaki Chango <ki_chango at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Thanks Rafik; I do remember now AR saying something along those
> lines. Though I can't really tell how much more expensive is the
> airfare from Dakar to L.A. as compared to the same from some
> parts of the Caribbean, I can dig that for now just to hope that
> not only at the next meeting in Africa but also for the one in
> Europe (both in 2008) the continent will benefit of a 1:3 ratio
> (at least or higher, given our size and the extent of issues
> still to be addressed.)
> I must express my support though to AR for what she's been doing
> for outreach and awareness in Africa, and my cooperation to
> raise the bar in quantity and quality of Africa participation in
> 2008 and beyond.
> Cheers,
> Mawaki
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