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Hi Khaled, Rafik,

Thanks for your comments.

comment one - maybe you can just view this as a simple colorful
representation of the world and of languages.... and how ICANN is simply
striving to get understood by more people. I admit the picture has too
little number of countries and even languages.... If I have to represent the
seven languages written and spoken in Niger, I would need more than one
flag. Tifinag has no flag but the people who speak it span 5 countries....
So there is no other significance here than showing diversity.

comment two - yes North Africa is part of the Arab world but is
geographically in Africa. Baher is the Manager for the Middle East and the
reason why Egypt is highlighted is just to say Baher is from there. Also
please understand that our regions are not cast in stone! Depending on
languages spoken, Baher and I work in tandem for the North of Africa reason
why you get to participate in French and Arabic sessions at ICANN when you
wish. I tend to take care of French and Spanish countries in Europe too with
the Manger for Europe for example. The primordial objective is to take care
of people in languages that make it easier for them to participate.


On 8/13/07, Khaled KOUBAA <khaled.koubaa at topnet.tn> wrote:
>  AR,
> We appreciate effort made by ICANN to be close to the user.
> I have two comments :
> - If the figure represent the ICANN and languages; so why representing
> languages by countries flags ? If the figure represent ICANN and regions ;
> flags don't represent regions.  I can not find a signification to this
> figure.
> - North African region is a part of the Arab world, and we have
> participated with Baher in some meetings regarding the Arab World. The name
> of his region on the page is Middle East !
> Best,
> Khaled
> Anne-Rachel Inné wrote:
>  Translation at ICANN <http://public.icann.org/translation> Welcome to the
> translation page  __ http://public.icann.org/
> This page has been set up to inform the community about the efforts being
> made within ICANN to move to being a more international organisation by
> providing materials in languages other than English.
> The hope is that the community will review these pages and assist in
> helping the organisation by providing useful feedback, offering to help,
> supplying useful leads, and so on.
>    - By kieren.mccarthy at 2007-08-09 16:40
>    - translation <http://public.icann.org/taxonomy/term/101>
>    - Login<http://public.icann.org/user/login?destination=comment/reply/261%2523comment_form>or
>    register<http://public.icann.org/user/register?destination=comment/reply/261%2523comment_form>to post comments
>    - Read more <http://public.icann.org/translation>
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