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1. How do you build a new internet?
Building a new internet is a topic addressed by The Guardian this week.
"Researchers in the US want at least $350m to build the Global Environment
for Network Innovations (Geni), touted by some as the possible replacement
for today's internet. In Europe, similar projects are under way as part of
the EU's Future and Internet Research (Fire) programme, which is expected to
cost at least £27m." Reasons given are the growth in online crime and
rapidly rising traffic. "There's a real need to have better identity
management, to declare your age and to know that when you're talking to,
say, Barclays bank, that you're really doing so," said Jonathan Zittrain,
professor of internet governance and regulation at the Oxford Internet

3. us: VeriSign Spent $570K Lobbying in 2007 [AP]
AP's story on VeriSign spending $570K in the first half of 2007 to lobby the
US federal government on internet-related issues gets the most coverage of
any domain name-related issue over the last few days. While the AP article
simply reports this, it is reported far and wide.

6. ICANN seeks to better protect domain name registrants
IDG and ARS Technica report on the ICANN call for public input as it revises
its accreditation process for registrars, largely quoting from the ICANN
news release. Burke Hansen in The Register comments though, noting the time
for change is long overdue "as the aftershocks of the RegisterFly failure
continue to ripple through the organization entrusted with the technical
stability of the internet we all know and love." Noting some of ICANN's
proposed changes, Hansen says these are all well and good, but that The
Register sincerely hopes "ICANN also incorporates public auditing into the
reforms." He also says, "If the registrars don't like it, tough."

11-15. Go Daddy & Afilias Announce Joint Venture Creating Alliance Registry
in Support of usTLD Bid
GoDaddy  and Afilias have teamed up to create The Domain Name Alliance
Registry to seek to manage the usTLD. Their news release outlines reasons
why they should manage usTLD including the underperformance of .us, they
would reduce prices, enhance the registry leading to higher registrations
and enhance kids.us. AP notes there are 1.3 million .us domain names, up
from 17,000 in 2001 and that Neustar "is seeking a contract renewal and
believes quality rather than quantity is what counts." It is claimed in
several outlets that .us has underperformed compared to other TLDs with
domainnamenews.com providing graphs showing .us market share declining,
while registrations are treading water while other ccTLDs are increasing.
Computer Business Review quotes Roland LaPlante saying .us had a 3.5% of the
country-code domain market three years ago, and that this has now slipped to
2.5%. Computer Business Review notes Neustar's application is focussing "on
improving the reliability and security of the domain through accurate Whois
enforcement and anti-phishing measures."

1. How do you build a new internet?
How do you cut online crime, tackle child pornography, halt crippling
viruses and get rid of spam? The answers could lie in a £200m successor to
the internet that computer experts are already referring to as the next
rendition of the virtual world.
Researchers in the US want at least $350m (£175m) to build the Global
Environment for Network Innovations (Geni), touted by some as the possible
replacement for today's internet. In Europe, similar projects are under way
as part of the EU's Future and Internet Research (Fire) programme, which is
expected to cost at least £27m.

2. Why we must close the net by Sir Elton John
Pop legend Sir Elton John wants the internet CLOSED DOWN. Never one to keep
his opinions to himself, the Rocket Man has waded into cyberspace with all
guns blazing. He claims it is destroying good music, saying: "The internet
has stopped people from going out and being with each other, creating stuff.
"Instead they sit at home and make their own records, which is sometimes OK
but it doesn't bode well for long-term artistic vision. "It's just a means
to an end.

3. us: VeriSign Spent $570K Lobbying in 2007 [AP]
VeriSign spent US$570,000 in the first half of 2007 to lobby the federal
government on Internet related issues, according to a disclosure form.
VeriSign lobbied on issues related to privacy, taxation, e-mails and Web
addresses, which are also known as domain names, according to the form
posted online Monday by the Senate's public records office.

4. After the dot: the latest net revolution
Ask someone to name a website and it's a virtual certainly they will say
something ending with "dot com": Amazon.com, eBay.com, Facebook.com, it
doesn't matter what, it's the same suffix. Dotcom is the internet for most
people. But that may all change next year when the top level of the net —
the part after the dot — is liberalised. From 2008, anyone wanting their own
piece of the internet is welcome to apply for it. It won't be cheap (there
will an application fee of around $100,000) and it won't be simple (you have
to prove you are capable of running a complex piece of the net's
infrastructure) — but it could mean a change in the way the online world

5. Can You Spot the Real Utube?
Ralph Girkins, CEO of Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment, has been doing
business online since the mid-1990s and has fielded angry e-mails before.
But nothing prepared him for the rant that landed in his in box last
October: "Where the f--- are all the videos??? 1.5 billion for this piece of
s--- website? Google got taken!"

6. ICANN seeks to better protect domain name registrants
ICANN is asking for the public's input as it revises its accreditation
process for registrars, the companies that register and sell domain names.

7. ICANN opens registrar reform up to public comment
The time for reform at ICANN has come. Long overdue changes to the Registrar
Accreditation Agreement are now open for public comment on the ICANN
website, as the aftershocks of the RegisterFly failure continue to ripple
through the organization entrusted with the technical stability of the
internet we all know and love.

8. ICANN wants your feedback on registrar reform
ICANN is making progress on revamping its contract to better protect
customers from registrar meltdown and is now asking the public for feedback.
The organization launched its public consultation on the Registrar
Accreditation Agreement late last week, which solicits feedback via e-mail
on a number of possible amendments to the RAA.

 - IPv4/IPv6
9. InternetNZ to host IPv6 workshop [news release]
InternetNZ will host a technical workshop next week on IPv6. The five day
workshop runs from 6 – 10 August 2007. The technical workshop is being
delivered by two offshore experts on IPv6 - Faraz Shamim from Cisco Systems
and Gaurab Upadaya from Packet Clearing House. A range of technical issues
will be covered including IPv6 design and addressing, IPv6 neighbour
discovery, IPv6 stateless auto-configuration and mobile IPv6. Much of the
workshop will involve hands-on work with network equipment from Cisco

10. Transition to IPv6 Address by Geoff Huston
Last month's column looked at the exhaustion of the IPv4 unallocated address
pool and the state of preparedness in the Internet to grapple with this
issue... There has been a considerable volume of discussion in various IPv6
and address policy forums across the world about how we should respond to
this situation in terms of development of address distribution policies. Is
it possible to devise address management policies that might both lessen
some of the more harmful potential impacts of this forthcoming hiatus in
IPv4 address supply, and also provide some impetus to industry to move in
the originally intended direction to transition into an IPv6 network?

 - (cc)TLD NEWS
11. Neustar Losing .us Could Be Good for .com Registrants
Neustar is facing a potential loss of the Dot-US franchise as competitors
bid against them. Why might this be of interest to .com registrants? ... The
issue of antitrust with regards to the .com agreement has never really been
properly settled, as a well-funded complainant hasn't brought forward a case
to full fruition in the courts. ICANN sold out the public by agreeing to a
settlement that would see its own coffers swell, at the expense of
registrants, so they do not count.

12. Go Daddy allies to take over America
Afilias and Go Daddy want to together usurp NeuStar as the US government
contractor responsible for the what they claim is the 'neglected' .us
top-level internet domain. The two companies have formed a joint venture,
The Domain Name Alliance Registry, and have applied to the US Department of
Commerce to replace NeuStar as the custodian of .us.

13. Companies seek control of '.us' domain [AP]
In Britain, ".uk" is the suffix of choice for Internet addresses. In
Germany, it's ".de." In the United States, however, ".us" is the forgotten
stepchild. Web sites tend to prefer ".com," which was designed as a global
moniker for commercial sites but is heavily populated by Americans. Two
companies prominent in the domain name industry want to challenge that

14. Are GoDaddy and Afilias The Right Combination to Run .us?
GoDaddy and Afilias have made a bid to run .us. Are they the right parties
to run this important domain?

15. Go Daddy & Afilias Announce Joint Venture Creating Alliance Registry in
Support of usTLD Bid [news release]
GoDaddy.com, Inc. and Afilias USA, Inc., have teamed up to create The Domain
Name Alliance Registry, LLC ("Alliance Registry"), a joint venture seeking
to assume stewardship of the usTLD, America's sovereign space on the
Internet. Yesterday, Alliance Registry submitted a proposal in response to
the request for quotations issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce's
National Telecommunications and Information Administration for a registry
operator for the usTLD.

16. DotAsia Announces Key Agreements with Deloitte Belgium, AGIP and
DotAsia announced agreements with several global organizations that will
play key roles in helping ensure the stable and orderly introduction of the
.Asia extension into the social and technical fabric of the Internet. ...
The companies will work together to oversee the process of screening all
applications for domain names during the Sunrise period for trademark owners
and businesses. Various Deloitte member firms and AGIP in the MENA region
will be responsible for verifying that accepted applicants meet the
requirements of the .Asia Sunrise policies.

17. DotAsia Auctions Aim to Address Problems of the Past
The announcement this week that DotAsia will work with Pool.com on an
auction system to introduce its new domain names is a good reaction to
problems of the past.

18. InternetNZ Announces Election Results
InternetNZ announces official results in this year's InternetNZ Council
elections. Peter Macaulay has been elected InternetNZ's new President, for a
two-year term. Macaulay is a former InternetNZ Councillor and has served in
the past as Executive Director.

19. nz: Macaulay elected new InternetNZ president
Peter Macaulay, the chief executive and co-founder of The Number One IT
Group, has been named the new president of InternetNZ following elections
held on Friday. A former InternetNZ councillor, Macaulay has also served as
the society's executive director. He was elected to a two-year term.

20. uk: Video: Nominet chief talks domains
Recently voted the 'First Woman in Technology', Lesley Cowley, CEO of .uk
registrar Nominet, discusses domains and the UK's role in shaping the global

21. au: Babcock & Brown website ire
Babcock & Brown has moved to shut down a financial services website that has
been set up by another company. Blogger Pty Ltd, the operator of
babcockandbrown.com.au is owned by a Sydney businessman. ASX-listed Babcock
& Brown's legal department yesterday asked a leading law firm to investigate
what action could be taken to remove the site from the web.

22. us: Boca Raton synagogue creates own Web site after dispute with founder
Zev Freidus is angry at Boca Raton Synagogue and he is holding a hostage:
its old Web site. ... He served as volunteer webmaster for six years, but in
2005, the synagogue asked him to turn over brsweb.org because he was using
the Web site to advertise his real estate business. Freidus refused.

23. Cruise operator wins rights to qe2.com [Reuters]
Carnival, the world's largest cruise operator, on Tuesday won exclusive
rights to "qe2.com" after the firm that registered the Internet site was
found to have no link to its most famous ocean liner.

24. What's in a name? Just ask Abt
Abt Electronics Inc. has been using the www.abtelectronics.com Web site
address, but it wasn't happy about it. They wanted abt.com. ... Abt filed a
complaint with the forum in 2004 against Gregory Ricks, who owned the
abt.com name. But the company lost. Then Abt discovered more evidence and
re-filed the complaint earlier this year. The forum ruled in March in Abt's
favor, which then led to an appeal.

25. How telcos are managing to deliver 'clean' traffic
>From AT&T's Global Network Operations Center 40 miles west of New York City,
CISO Ed Amoroso has as wide a window into the Internet as anyone. With a
glance at a two-story wall covered with computer monitors and television
screens, Amoroso can tell at any given moment how much e-mail, Web and
voice-over-IP traffic is streaming across AT&T's data networks, buzzing its
way from business to business, person to person. The amount of Internet
traffic represented in the room is staggering. On the average business day,
almost 10 petabytes of data pass through AT&T's networks--more information
than the entire Web contained in 2000.

26. Domain names return hefty profits
The Web addresses that businesses and people online call home have generated
the equivalent of a real estate boom in the real world with speculators,
appraisers, developers, investors, and brokers turning the names typed on
navigation bars into hefty profits.

27. Rate of Link Decay by Bret Fausett
Pardon me while I drill down a minute. The value of a domain name is
primarily driven by two factors: its resale value and the value of its
traffic. Those aren't necessarily separate. For most domain names, resale
value is a function of a name's traffic. So at point of sale, a buyer is
very interested in current and historic traffic.

28. Domainer Inc announces partners [news release]
Domainer Inc. announced that it has concluded a private placement of CDN$
2.0 million with a group of investors including a Toronto-based venture
capital firm. Flagship Bancorp Inc. acted as exclusive agent on the

29. Moniker.com Brings Adult Domain Name Auction to Internext Expo in
Florida [news release]
Moniker will host another exciting domain name auction of premium adult
domain names at Internext Expo, the world's largest business-to-business
online and digital media adult conference, on August 3-5.

30. Sedo's Seven-Figure Sale of Chinese.com Leads the Charge in Another
Banner Week for Domain Names
Sedo.com issued a brief press release on 23 July announcing they had
brokered the sale of Chinese.com for $1 million.
[news release in German]

31. Berlin lehnt .berlin mit Verweis auf das Heise-Forum ab
Die Bemühungen um eine eigene Top-Level-Domain für die deutsche Hauptstadt
stoßen beim Berliner Senat auf Ablehnung. Dabei verweist Berlins Regierender
Bürgermeister auf eine Diskussion im Heise-Forum, die als repräsentativ
anzusehen sei.

32. Keine Unterstützung des Berliner Senats für Berlin-Domain .berlin
Der Berliner Senat wird die von der dotBerlin GmBH angeregte und geplante
Top Level Domain .berlin nicht unterstützen. Unter der neuen TLD sollen sich
Berliner Unternehmen, Verbände und Bürger zusammenschließen. Damit soll für
alle Interessenten auf der ganzen Welt eine regionale Identität im Internet
entstehen, wie die Initiatoren formulieren.

33. ICANN will mehr Schutz für Domain-Inhaber
Im März hatte die ICANN beschlossen, den in die Jahre gekommenen
Standardvertrag mit den einzelnen Domain-Verwaltern (Registraren) zu
überarbeiten. Nachdem zunächst intern Vorschläge gesammelt wurden, beginnt
nun die Phase der öffentlichen Diskussion.

34. IPv6: Die Zukunft hat kein Geschäftsmodell
Ein neuer Vorschlag, nach dem das US-Internet bis 2011 vollständig auf IPv6
umgestellt sein soll, wirft die Frage auf, warum die Migration auf das neue
Protokoll auch in Österreich wesentlich langsamer vonstatten geht als
ursprünglich gedacht.

35. Staatsanwaltschaften verweigern Provider-Abfragen zu IP-Adressen
Ein Bericht von heise online über den Beschluss des Amtsgerichts Offenburg
zur Ermittlung von Tauschbörsennutzern durch Strafverfolgungsbehörden hatte
für einiges mediales Echo gesorgt. Mittlerweile liegen der Redaktion ältere
Beschlüsse von Staatsanwaltschaften vor, die in eine ähnliche Richtung
weisen. Von einer Einzelfallentscheidung kann demzufolge nicht mehr
ausgegangen werden.

36. Internet-Domain erreicht durch Auktion Höchstpreis von 1,1 Mio.
US-Dollar [news release]
Die Internet-Domain chinese.com erlangte mit 1,1 Millionen US-Dollar den
bisher höchsten Verkaufspreis in einer Domain-Auktion von Sedo. Die weltweit
führende Handelsbörse für Domainnamen konnte die Domain bereits sicher an
den Käufer, ein Unternehmen aus Hong Kong, transferieren.

37. Sedo startet erste Premium-Domain-Auktion auf GreatDomains.com [news
Sedo startet diesen Donnerstag, den 19. Juli 2007, um 20 Uhr MEZ die erste
der ab sofort monatlich laufenden Auktionen für qualitativ hochwertige
Domains auf GreatDomains.com. Die Auktionen haben eine Laufzeit von sieben

38. L'anonymat dans le Whois français
Le TGI Versailles autorise l'AFNIC à lever l'anonymat sur le ou les
titulaires de vingt-cinq noms de domaine similaires à des marques du groupe
3 Suisses. L'occasion de s'interroger sur des enjeux tels que la
préservation de l'anonymat et la protection des droits des tiers.

39. Comment sont choisis les lieux des réunions ICANN ?
Deux membres de l'équipe ICANN sont actuellement à Paris pour évaluer notre
candidature pour la 2ème réunion de l'ICANN de 2008. L'occasion d'en savoir
plus sur la façon dont ces choix se font.

40. Vente record du site Business.com
345 millions de dollars. C'est la somme déboursée par l'éditeur nord
américain R.H. Donnelley pour l'acquisition du site business.com.

41. Un code de conduite pour les registrars chinois
Les bureaux d'enregistrement de noms de domaine chinois lancent une
convention "d'autodiscipline" pour assainir leur marché local.

42. Entran en vigor las nuevas Políticas Generales de Nombres de Dominio
A partir del día 1ro. de Agosto de 2007, entran en vigor las nuevas
Políticas Generales de Nombres de Dominio bajo el ccTLD .mx

43. El NAP CABASE resolverá 50 millones de búsquedas de dominios .com y .net
por día
Tras el acuerdo celebrado con la firma Verisign, el NAP CABASE alojará un
sitio de resolución para los dominios ".com" y ".net".

44. Taller IXP en El Salvador - Presentaciones
Informamos que se encuentran publicadas las presentaciones realizadas el
primer día del Taller sobre Puntos de Intercambio de Tráfico (IXP) llevado a
cabo en el Hotel Hilton Princess, San Salvador, El Salvador los días 18 en
su sesión teórica y el 19 de Julio en la Universidad Centroamericana José
Simeón Cañas (UCA) en su sesión práctica se encuentran disponibles.

45. La historia de Internet - la experiencia latinoamericana - No. 2
Pablo Hinojosa ha publicado la segunda parte de esta interesante
recopilación de información sobre la experiencia latinoamericana en materia
de Internet.

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